Why Your Blog Must Have Visually Appealing Graphics

Do you read any blogs on a regular basis? Blogs can be invaluable resources to grow your business skills by gleaning the hottest trends and research in your industry. They can also be entertaining or just a big waste of time.

Think about the blogs you follow on a regular basis. What initially attracted you to read them? Was it the content, the reputation of the writer or something more visual?

The guiding philosophy in blogging tends to be the idea that content is king. While it remains true that quality content is essential, today’s bloggers need to consider other elements of their digital space to gain traction in an overcrowded market. Technorati estimates the number of blogs as more than 8 MILLION. That’s a lot of noise!

So how do you get noticed?

Blogging is an effective tool for relaying information, developing a loyal customer base, and asserting yourself as an authority in your field. However, to achieve any of these goals, your content must be seen by the right people. The creation of eye-catching images is an effective method to help you get noticed. Keep reading to discover why your blog needs visually appealing graphics.

Build Brand Awareness

Why Your Blog Must Have Visually Appealing Graphics Do you read any blogs on a regular basis? Blogs ca

Nike is easily recognized by their “swoosh.”

Even if the purpose of your blog isn’t commercial, it’s still in your best interest to create a personal brand. Your brand is the feeling or message people get when they see your blog. For example, if your niche is all about makeup, you’ll want to consider the kind of image you wish to portray. You could aim to portray yourself as a high-end, sophisticated cosmetics expert or aim for the vibe of a fun, eclectic instructor. You would then determine the colors, typography, symbols, logo and other elements that lend themselves to creating such a feel.

By using these elements consistently when you post anywhere online, you are building brand awareness. Each time that someone sees your sites or products and are exposed to these visual representations they will begin to recognize that as you. That is called branding.

Appear Professional

Adding graphics that incorporate elements of your brand also makes your blog look professional. Be sure to choose high-quality images, rather than blurry photos or ones that appear overly promotional. We’ve all seen graphics that contain photos that are clearly outdated generic stock images, but there is no need to use those when there are plenty of sites that provide access to free images that are beautiful and well-done. If they allow commercial use and modification, you can add your own special touches such as overlays and text to customize them. Make sure you check the licenses to see exactly how you can and can’t use the images.

Get Shared

swooshSocial media posts that contain a visual image are shared far more than those without. People relate to photos. Infographics provide easy to digest content in a quick, visual manner. It makes sense that such images would be shared more readily than simple text. Social media is one of the quickest ways your content can spread, and attention-grabbing graphics will surely boost the sharing. This is particularly true for a platform like Pinterest that relies on images.

Must Have Graphic Design Elements for Your Blog

While there are tons of creative ways to use blog graphics, there are some that are more essential to your success than others. Customized images can serve many purposes inefficient ways, and the importance of using them can’t be understated.

Let’s break things down to the absolute must-have graphic design elements for your blog.

Bio Photo

Sharing who you are is paramount as a blogger. You share your knowledge, experiences, and opinions throughout your content. Your audience will get a sense of your personality as they browse your posts or become regular readers. To increase your chances of encouraging them to stick around, you’ll want to create a bio photo section in your sidebar with your picture, a summary of who you are and a link to your more comprehensive about page. Remember, people are quick to leave a website if they don’t immediately see something of interest. Capture their attention with a photo.

Blog Header

Why Your Blog Must Have Visually Appealing Graphics

Your blog header is likely the first thing readers see when they visit your site. It’s at the very top of the page and lists the blog’s title. This can be done simply with text only, but a design that incorporates a bit more can go far toward developing your brand. Be sure to check your blog’s theme to determine the size your header will accommodate, otherwise, your design could look distorted or simply not work at all. Go with simplicity because you don’t want to distract the viewer’s eye with too many aspects. Choosing a few colors, with no more than two fonts for your blog’s name and tagline will suffice. You can add a shape or uncomplicated graphic if you wish.


Your logo is an essential piece of your branding kit. This small design element packs a big punch when it comes to recognition. When creating a logo be sure to keep it simple and not too busy. Try to elicit the feel of your brand.

Post Header

A post header is the graphic that introduces your blog post. It is usually a photo or illustration with the title of your post. A shape can be used as a text box to make your words stand out. Your chosen font should remain consistent for every post. These things will soon become recognizable when seen on social media as your readership increases. Be sure there is enough white space around the edges of your graphic so that the text is legible.

Social Media Images

Your social media shares should always include an image. It’s been proven that graphics substantially increase click through. You can use your post header as a template, but each social media site has its own recommended sizes. Once your graphic designer determines the current size being used by each site, create a template that can be customized with new photos and text for each new post.

These graphic design elements are the must-haves for your blog. Taking the time to develop these assets will put you on par to joining the ranks of other successful bloggers and give you confidence in your professionalism.

Hopefully, it’s clear to see why you need images and/or some type of graphics for your website. The right images will not only help you get noticed but help others identify you with your brand. Need to be convinced more? Take a look at this infographic from Kissmetrics:
How to Get More Likes on Facebook Infographic


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