Lynching of humans in the name of cow: Still action waits

BJP is in power but still it seems powerless to work on humanitarian grounds.

So many incidents have been reported so far by the media. But the question still remains Why isn’t government taking any step to tackle these issues? BJP is in power but still it seems powerless to work on humanitarian grounds.

Yeah, I am very well-known, cow slaughtering is a crime in India but is this crime bigger than slaughtering of humans or targeting a particular religion by these so called ‘Gaurakshaks’? They have sparked fear among people especially among Muslim community which we have seen falling prey to these “Gaurakshaks”. For protecting cows we have these cow vigilantes but for protecting humanity who do we have??

If someone is proven guilty for such acts he should be punished according to the law but who are these people to kill innocents before even not knowing whether the slaughtering has taken place by these people or not. There can be lot more which needs to be researched upon. It can be agenda to degrade the image of Muslims.

Muslims eat beef because their religion permits them but Indian Muslims have now refused of eating beef because it hurts religious sentiments of Hindus. So when people from one community are sacrificing for the sake of the other community. Why can’t these hate mongers stop killing people?

On June 23, three days before Eid 15 year old Junaid Khan was killed in a train by a group of “people”. The people who were not aware wheather the boy has eaten beef or not but they still taunt him of eating beef and lastly killed him.

In September 2015, Mohammad Akhlaq, was lynched in Dadri when rumours broke out that he had killed a cow and had stored the meat in refrigerator. The month after a 16 year old, Zahid Rasool Bhatt died when a cow vigilante group attacked his truck with a bomb in Udampur in March 2017. And like this many other cases of slaughtering occurred but who cares?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned people who kill in the name of cow protection he said it won’t be tolerated, But on the same day a Jharkhand man was beaten to death by a mob because on suspicion that he was carrying a beef in his vehicle.

It further reminds me of Jayabachan’s words who truely said “a cow is more safe in India than a woman.”

Government should rather act than making lame statements. When you change to lead the country towards light, people will follow but when nothing changes and remains in dark. People will live in astray.

Written by: Hanain Sikandar Wani

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