What Actual Science Says About CO2 & Climate Change

Climate change

Over the last couple of decades the public has been inundated and, indeed, indoctrinated to believe that a relatively trace concentration of naturally-produced Carbon Dioxide (CO2) aided by an extremely-trace concentration of CO2 produced by Man’s use of fossil fuels and industrial processes has now in the 20th and 21st centuries suddenly become the Primary Driver (Forcing Agent) of Climate Change due to the well-known Greenhouse Effect.

This incredible claim by the Global Warming Alarmists (GWA) is not only stunning in its audacity, but the climate driven by our Sun for the previous 4.5 Billion years with much higher and lower levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentrations never had much effect on temperature or climate; Plus, there has never been any runaway global warming – Our Climate Temperature have always cycled between warmer and cooler periods and will continue to do so for the next 3-4 Billion years.

GWA Pseudo-Science vs. Actual Science

The following graph appears in numerous articles, lectures and textbooks in support, and it is even asserted as proof, of the Man-Made Global Warming / Climate Change Hypothesis — However, it is merely a clever trick based on a logical ‘Fallacy of Presumption’ that you will falsely presume, what the years of propaganda have conditioned you to believe, that Man-Made CO2 is the Cause for increased warming of the Earth.


So what is actually CAUSING the rising temperatures?

  1. The implied presumption in the above graph is that: The increasing CO2-Concentration Line produced by Man’s fossil-fuel emissions are Causing the increasingly warming color-coded temperatures because of the implied increased warming due to the Earth’s Greenhouse Gas Effect.

Although this is the GWA claim, the actual Science refutes this claim:

  • Accurate Satellite Measurements of Temperature in our atmosphere, including those near the top of our Troposphere at 10 km altitude where the Greenhouse Effect occurs show no unusual warming, only natural variation.
  • What this graph does not show (i.e., Deliberately Hides), is that prior to 1880, we were in the very cold “Little Ice Age” (1300 – 1850 AD) so of course it was time for the temperatures to increase dramatically during the Modern Grand Solar Maximum (1880 – 2016 where warming peaked in 1998 & suddenly dropped 1.08 oF and since then, the warming trend has remained flat for the last 18.5 years).
  • The temperature has been both high and low when CO2 Concentrations have been both high and low – Indicating that CO2 is not a primary driver nor even a major influencer of climate change. (i.e., During the big ice ages, CO2 levels have been 10-15 times the concentrations of today’s CO2 at 400 ppm x 10 = 4,000+ ppm while the climate was extremely cold).
  • Increasing Temperatures produced by the sun’s energy evaporate water and carbolic acid from the oceans producing atmospheric Greenhouse Gases in these ratios: 95% Water Vapor (H2O) and 4% Carbon Dioxide (CO2 ) of GHGs. Al Gore got it wrong, Temperature à CO2 , not CO2 à
  1. Our Star, the Sun, is the primary source of energy: Full-spectrum Electromagnetic Energy which includes visible light, UV, Infrared (IR), X-ray radiation, etc. which provides illumination and energy
    • Although the GWA claim that the Sun’s energy output is a constant and that since the beginning of the Industrial Age (i.e., 1880) climate change is solely driven by man-made CO2
  • 200 years ago, Lord Kelvin erroneously believed that the Sun’s TSI (Total Solar Illumination) was a constant, but soon after his death scientists Maunder and his wife proved this was not true. Since that time, much has been learned about the 11-year Schwabe solar cycles between high and low solar energy output which is very reliably indicated by Sunspot Counts (High counts when very active with high energy output and Low counts when the Sun’s is said to be cold with lower energy output).
  • The Sun’s TSI is quite variable in alternating solar cycles between warmer (high-energy output) and colder (low-energy output) climate changes.


  • In addition, certain portions of the TSI energy spectrum reaching Earth’s atmosphere can be amplified, blocked and saturated limiting additional warming in different ways. For example the Infrared (IR) range of light is responsible for most of the Greenhouse Effect, but as different Greenhouse Gases (i.e., CO2 & Water Vapor (H2O) ) approach their respective saturation point, further doubling of the quantity produces a pronounced lesser effect until saturated – When no amount of doubling of CO2 or water vapor will produce significantly more warming via the Greenhouse Effect.
  • This observed logarithmic-saturation effect contravenes the GWA claim of unlimited Runaway Greenhouse Warming due to CO2 — The Greenhouse Effect is Natural and Self-Balancing; Maintaining a balanced pleasant and habitable climate on Earth.
  • Many other very-complex factors have effects on our long-term Climate due to a combination of cycles of a few years to tens, thousands to 100-thousands of years which share in the variability of our climate and our seasons – All of these significant influences are natural such as our vast oceans and decadal oscillations as well as many which are Extraterrestrial — All are beyond man’s control!

As shown above, this general pattern of ongoing solar cycles over 4.5 Billion years continually alternating between warm and cold climate periods correlates with Sunspot Counts that are consistent with the variable energy changes in the output of the Sun which have always and will continue to be the Primary Driver & Cause of climate on Earth today and in the future.

When Sunspot Counts are Low, our climate is Cooler and when they are High, our climate is Warmer. This dynamic is caused by changes in the Sun’s own magnetic field and its impact on earth that is affected by the strength of the Earth’s own magnetic field and a number of other complex factors such as cosmic rays & the Earth’s orbit and tilt.

Taking a closer look at Solar Cycles

The following diagram shows a generalized view of the ongoing solar cycles alternating between warm and cold climate periods over the last roughly 1,000 years (900 AD – 2016) and the expected trend for the next 20-30 years where we should experience a much colder global climate during the coming Modern Solar Minimum.


An “Inconvenient Coincidence”’ allowed Al Gore and the GWA to Claim: The Primary Driver of Climate Change is No Longer the Sun and its Solar Cycles, but now it is Man-Made CO2 from the use of fossil fuels. However, Al Gore, UN IPCC & the GWA prefer not to mention the Sun and they deny the Sun’s energy output is variable and significant. The UN IPCC even tried to hide the existence of the very similar and warmer ‘Medieval Grand Solar Maximum warm period’ of a thousand years ago from the public — Since it conflicts with their hypothesis and it is clear evidence that Solar and other cycles are the primary drivers of climate change and that they alternate between warm and cold minimums – Not Runaway Global Warming due to greenhouse gases as the GWA claim!

Controversy Simply Explained & Resolved

About 2000 years ago, there was a Roman Warm Period and then it got cold. About 1000 years ago, there was a Medieval Warm Period and then it got cold. That was the Little Ice Age. When Oceans are warm, Polar Oceans thaw, snowfall increases and rebuilds ice on Greenland, Antarctic and Mountain Glaciers. Ice builds, spreads and makes earth cold again. Snowfall decreases and the Sun removes ice every year until it gets warm again.
It is warm again now because it is supposed to be warm now. It is a natural cycle and we did not cause it. CO2 just makes green things grow better, while using less water.
The alarmists scare us so they can tax and control us.

Former NASA Scientists and Climate Experts, Thomas Wysmuller & Alex Pope, had a brief and effective explanation for the subject of the Earth’s Climate Change which fits nicely on the back of a standard-sized business card:

Isn’t it amazing how very simple the answer to the Man-Made Climate Change

‘Contrived Controversy’ actually is!
Climate Change is Primarily Natural Then, Now and in the Future!
Puny Man and His Impact on Climate is well-within the Range of Natural Variation


Man and his use of Fossil Fuels actually have an Insignificant Impact upon the Earth’s Climate due to CO2 and the well-known Greenhouse Effect (GE) which is actually activated by light in the Infrared (IR) spectrum of the sun’s light which also is very limited by natural saturation constraints on the Greenhouse-Effect (GE) that maintains a balance in GE-warming keeping it well-within the range of Natural Variation! Hence, any unending and run-away GE-warming as falsely predicted by the Global Warming Alarmists (GWA) is precluded.

To the many that have heard all of the Globalist, Progressives, Environmentalist and UN IPCC extensive propaganda over the last couple of decades who have Grossly Exaggerated a small true fact about Carbon Dioxide into their Only Tenuous Link between Climate Change and Man – This statement that: ‘Man & Fossil Fuels have little impact on our climate’ may sound Preposterous, but it is Scientifically True.

Both the Sun’s and the Earth’s magnetic fields are quite low now – Many solar scientists analyzing the current solar patterns compared with the past believe that the coming Modern Solar Minimum transition that began around 2010 is about to take us to a very much colder climate. We have already seen Northern Hemisphere records for winter ice and snow broken at the 100-year level and soon possibly 200-year and even 400-year records-breaks are possible which are similar to the severe cold of the Dalton and extremely cold Maunder Solar Minimums during the ‘Little Ice Age’ (1300 – 1850 AD). As global temperatures continue to cool, don’t be surprised if the GWA begins to spin: “Global Warming & CO2 Causes Global Cooling!” – Don’t believe it!

Don’t just take my word for this, use this link to view an excellent factual and scientifically-based video by the actual Climate & Solar Scientists that analyzed the Ice-Core Samples, Oceanic and Polar Ice Patterns as well as received NASA awards of Excellence for their work on Satellite Global Temperature monitoring, etc.

CLICK ON THIS LINK: https://youtu.be/52Mx0_8YEtg to view this factual movie that explains the true science and politics behind the Man-Made Climate Change Controversy.

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