Welfare Muslim Won’t Remove Veil To Get Job, City Removes Something Of Hers

After a Muslim welfare queen refused to remove her veil to find a job, the Utrecht Department of Work and Income (right) decided to remove something from her. (Photo source: Europe1, Twitter)

While living on welfare, a migrant was finally told by the city council that she’d have to get a job and contribute to society. Thinking that citing her religious requirement to wear a veil would silence them, the welfare queen was shocked when they informed that since she won’t remove the veil, they’re removing something from her.

Although the ultimate goal expressed in the Quran is for Muslims to establish Islam as the only religion in the world, followers have discovered that there’s more than one way to accomplish this. While onslaught is often effective in third-world countries, Muslims realize that stealth jihad is the best way to bring a Western superpower to its knees. Through migration, birthrate, and conversion, Muslims are easily able to influence even the most progressive democracy. Fortunately, many are opening their eyes to this and taking crucial measures to combat it.

According to Utrecht District Court documents, a devout Muslim woman, whose name has been redacted, migrated to the Netherlands in May 2012 only to live off the country’s glorious benefits as an economic migrant, just like most asylum seekers in Europe. After nearly 2 years on welfare with no intention of providing for herself, the Muslim woman was told by Utrecht’s Department of Work and Income that she must get a job if she wants to continue collecting taxpayer benefits.

Resorting to her religious supremacy, the woman told the city council that she should not be expected to find work because her beliefs require her to wear the face-covering niqab, which is banned in the workplace. Unfortunately for her, the department wasn’t going to be forced by the Muslim woman’s entitlement, responding to her demand by first stripping her of 30 percent of her benefits and further cutting them by 10 percent each month that she remains unemployed.

After cutting off nearly a third of her welfare, the outraged Muslim woman took the department to court, demanding her “right” to refuse to work in accordance with her Islamic beliefs. Once again, she was introduced to Western values as the Central Appeals court not only refused her appeal but ruled that the department may deny benefits to all able-bodied Muslims who cite their religious beliefs as an excuse to remain unemployed, Dutch News reports.

“An uncovered face plays and important role in the contact between people and is essential in finding work,” the court said in its ruling. “…Wearing a niqab interferes with gaining access to the labor market, which puts unnecessary pressure on public funds.”

Incredibly, the ruling will not only empower the department to crack down on Muslim welfare abusers but also holds the city’s values, culture, and law above religious law.

The ruling was introduced in 2006 when 2 Muslim women attempted to refrain from working for their benefits by refusing to remove their niqabs. The women refused to attend job interviews, claiming that no one would hire them because their burqas show only their eyes. It was then that a city council member announced that would be slashing their benefits by 10 percent each month until they comply in accordance with the Utrecht Work and Social Security Act.

“It is a point of principle which applies to all women who refuse to remove their burkas for job interviews. People get benefits when they are out of work but there is also an obligation to do everything to get a job. These women were educated, spoke good Dutch and had opportunities in the labor market.”

The Work and Social Security Act states that any able-bodied person who purposefully sabotages their ability to find work will have their welfare cut. It is this act that has protected business owners’ right to refuse to hire Muslims who wear the burqa, niqab, or any other form of face covering.

The Netherlands is well on its way to outright banning the burqa. However, this oppressive, constrictive garb is the least of their worries when it comes to Islamic supremacy. Muslims are passing by countless Islamic countries to infiltrate the West not because they want to assimilate or even coexist but to establish Sharia. Although they have no problem demanding the very religious “rights” they refuse to religious minorities in their own countries, they throw deadly tantrums when they are told to respect our values.

The rest of the West would be wise to adopt this Dutch legislation, which, while small, is a step to combat Islamization.


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