Ways to Increase Employee Engagement Through Company Culture

Now more than ever, it is important for employees to feel connected to their work. Recent Gallup research shows that 87 percent of employees worldwide are disengaged or indifferent toward their jobs. Not only does this affect how employees view their own value within the company, it affects their motivation to put forth their best effort at work.

One of the ways to increase employee engagement is to facilitate a renewed connection to the company itself through a culture that’s truly engaging. Employees that look forward to coming into the office every day are more likely to work hard and to want to succeed. This self-fulfilling prophecy is not only essential for improved employee satisfaction; it directly impacts the longevity of the company. Here are four areas we’ve found to be the most important when it comes to increasing employee engagement through company culture:

  1. Appoint relatable leadership

A transparent management team that comes across as “real” people makes a big difference for employees looking to connect with the company for which they work. Concern for employee wellbeing and respect are also high on the list of factors that influence employee engagement when it comes to company leadership. Consider these qualities when filling higher up positions.

  1. Create challenge

Complacency leads to indifference. When it comes to employee engagement, the term “challenge” is interchangeable with “valued.” Employees that feel challenged by their work, and appreciated when their hard work pays off, are more likely to feel valued by the company.

  1. Recognize achievements

A job well done that goes unrecognized is often the spark that leads to employee disengagement. No one wants to feel their hard work is going unnoticed. In addition to setting up individual performance review opportunities with employees, put a system in place for regular recognition on a more company-wide scale. Provide opportunities for team members to acknowledge each other’s accomplishments. If a little friendly competition surfaces, even better.

  1. Create social opportunities

Creating opportunities for co-workers to interact in social settings is an easy way to help individual employees build a sense of belonging within the company. When people from different departments that don’t normally interact get to know each other better, it can only mean good things for the company as a whole. Make these opportunities inclusive and low key to encourage maximum participation.

Company culture that results in more engaged employees is not something that can be created overnight. It takes hard work, constant self-evaluation and a true understanding of the individual employees that make up the company. Invest in your employees, and give them a reason to invest in you.


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