Tucker Carlson Destroys Open Immigration Advocate Kevin Appleby: “So Now ISIS is Really Going to Dislike Us?” (VIDEO)


When is the LEFT going to get a different playbook, or at least make some changes to their old and tired one? The LEFT has whined for years that if the United States does anything brash or involving a spine, that will become a recruiting tool for radical Islam. We were told for years that imprisoning terrorists at GITMO was a recruiting tool for radical Islam, yet even though Obama did his best to let all of them go, we now have ISIS. Now the LEFT is going after Trump administration with the same failed logic.

In the video below, Fox News Tucker Carlson destroys the liberal Kevin Appleby on President Trump’s latest executive order on refugees. Tucker destroys Appleby’s argument that President Donald J. Trump’s executive orders on migration will incite radical Islam and be a recruiting tool for them.

As Carlson opines, “now ISIS is going to really dislike us and now they are going to say really mean things about us … Don’t they already hate us?” Carlson went on to say, ISIS and radical Islam have always said this was a religious war and that we, the US, hate Islam and it sounds like you are blaming the United States for their distorted vie of the United States. Hmm, ya think?

Liberals REALLY DO BELIEVE in peace through weakness.

A note to the LEFT, we don’t have to do anything for them to hate us.

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