Trump Makes New Oath With Israel, Iran Program Crushed As Press Coverage Of Deal Now Published

Trump is promising Israel that Iran will NOT get a nuclear bomb.

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has been a very nervous and unhappy man as of late. Anyone who has seen the news and seen how the nations of the world want to “solve” the Middle East crisis by cutting up Israel like a sliced ham will see only too clearly what it is that which has the Prime Minister on edge. Every time that Israel gives up any land for “peace” (an idea as sane as saying let’s give up Texas to solve the border problem) they get the same thing that they get when they are not surrounding land….bombed.

Add to this very real fear the fact that the last failed American administration under Obama saw a deal that could lead to nuclear weapons know-how for the Iranians, a nation who’s vile leader basks in the chants of his people as he speaks and they say, “Death to the Jews, death to Israel.” This would be like pondering why Trump would be uneasy if another nation were to open the door to ISIS getting nuclear weapons to attack America with, so there need be very little wondering as to why Netanyahu has not worn a smile on his disgruntled face for quite some time.


Israel is expected to give land to people and to allow people to have nuclear weapons within killing distance who carry signs such as these in Iran.

President Donald Trump worked to change that fact by talking about the “unbreakable bond” that the United States has with Israel on Wednesday as he promised that Iran would never get their hands on their much desired nuclear weapon. Trump has happily deviated from the idea that those that bomb a nation (the Palestinians) are somehow as worthy of the Holy Land as those that live in it peacefully until provoked (Israel). America has fallen away from Israel due to the warmongering Zionists who are to Israel what the Democrats are to America in toxicity, but Trump has not allowed that needed caution to be applied to the idea that the Palestinians are anything but liars when it comes to the elites who sign treaties.

This is shown in the way that the president has informed the bombers that America may place an embassy anywhere that they and the receiving nation deem appropriate, regardless of the concerns of those that claim to want peace and want to yet dictate such things. On Wednesday as he stood beside the Prime Minister, he showed it again by saying, “With this visit the United States, again, reaffirms our unbreakable bond with our cherished ally, Israel.” Trump will hear a cacophony of protest for his open support of Israel, but considering that ISIS is not about to put down the bloody sword if Trump were to do otherwise, it is hardly a concern for him at this point.


Iran is building a nuclear power plant in an area that those who warned of Fukushima are saying will cause a similar disaster in Iran, due to the earthquake zone becoming highly active.

Trump tends to see many attacks over his desire to help oppressed people, something that the left and the Democrats love to claim that “evil white men” like Trump do not do, such as when Trump a simple and well intentioned call from the leader of Taiwan caused an uproar. Taiwan, like the Jews, are surrounded by those who would happily cut their throats and yet the left never seems to care very much for their well being ever. Trump knows that praise is not going be coming no matter what he does because there is an agenda at work, so he is simply leading based on what he knows to be right.

Noting the precarious state of the Jewish nation, Trump stated that “The security challenges faced by Israel are enormous, including the threat of Iran’s nuclear ambitions, which I’ve talked a lot about.” The president then doubled down by saying as he did on the campaign trail that , “One of the worst deals I’ve ever seen is the Iran deal. My administration has already imposed new sanctions on Iran, and I will do more to prevent Iran from ever developing — I mean ever — a nuclear weapon.”


Much like with Japan and Canada, Trump is mending fences with another ally, Israel.

The deal is not just bad because the terms that prohibit the enriching of nuclear materials to the point of nuclear weapons capability expire in ten to fifteen years (as if the hatred of the Jews many in Islam that has lasted for centuries will expire by then, too), not only because Iran is building a nuclear power plant on an earthquake zone that the same voices in the scientific community who warned about Fukushima say is going to melt the plant down, but Iran has already been caught breaking the agreement and enriching uranium.

The whole world is looking at Israel as if they are the culprit when almost every nation that surrounds them want to see the nation sponged off of the world map. Some argue with a half-valid point that Israel “stole” the land, but losing wars have repercussions. The land has historically been Israel’s since before Mohamed was even born. It was his religion, Islam, that splintered from the Jews like the South Koreans did from China that caused the divide. Unlike with China, the Jews were not harming the Islamist’s, but the other way around. Even if Israel was to suddenly give up every inch of their territory, what would Islam produce but sharia law, terror, and attacks on everyone who is not a radical Islamist? Israel was a lifeless desert before and it will return to a liken state if they ever lose it to the Palestinians.


Israel is condemned for causing pain like this when it was Israel that only struck back. They did not fire first in this Gaza attack (pictured).

Donald Trump has made this one of his regular points to make and he is probably going to keep on making that point until everyone is fully understanding what it is that we as mankind face. This is far bigger than if one likes Donald Trump or his leadership. The issue at hand is that one of the most peaceful nations in the world (name one nation that Israel has attacked that is not Islamic and attacking them in 70 years….anyone?) is being threatened by some of the most evil and barbaric people to ever live and the world is siding with the evil. If the world gets it’s way then not only will Israel cease to exist, but little will remain to prevent the whole Middle East from being conquered by the same filth that Obama, Kerry, and Clinton gave Libya to.

ISIS flags over Israel? Not on Trump’s watch.

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