Top 10 Best 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The 50th wedding anniversary, often referred to as the golden anniversary, is such a huge milestone in any couple’s life. It’s hard to imagine the work, sacrifices, and unwavering love that goes into a relationship of this length and magnitude, but it certainly deserves to be celebrated.

The 50th wedding anniversary is one of the most popular anniversaries for throwing a party, since it is such a huge accomplishment. Being there to support and honor the couple is enough, but it is customary and appropriate to bring a token gift of some kind. This is also a popular anniversary for children and grandchildren to gift something to their parents and grandparents. Don’t let this one slip by without some type of acknowledgment.

We’ve rounded up 10 of the best gifts for a 50th wedding anniversary at a variety of price points. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can shop some alternative 50th wedding gift options here.

1. Gold Cake Knife & Server Set

(Ella Celebration)

With an elegant look and vintage inspired style, this gold cake knife and server set is a great 50th anniversary gift. The pieces are timeless and high quality, with a heavier weight that makes them feel expensive. Take these to a local engraver to have the blade engraved with the anniversary date for a sentimental touch. You can check out the plethora of five star reviews to feel confident about your gift.

Price: $38.95

Buy this 50th wedding anniversary gift here.

2. Gold Dipped Forever Rose


A bouquet of flowers is always a great gift, but they don’t last more than a few days and then they’re forgotten. You can spend the same that you would on a bouquet and purchase this gorgeous gold plated rose instead, perfect for a golden anniversary. The real rose is dipped in 24K gold, making each one unique and one of a kind. Each rose comes complete with an acrylic stand, a card, and a certificate of authenticity. If you’d like to gift more than a single stem, this bouquet comes complete with several gold roses in a vase.

Price: $59.99

Buy this 50th wedding anniversary gift here.

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3. 14K Yellow Gold & White Freshwater Pearl Earrings

(La Regis Jewelry)

If you’re shopping for your mother, grandmother, or wife, consider a special gold piece of jewelry. If you’re not sure of her style, keeping it simple is the best way to ensure she’ll love it. These gold and pearl earrings can be ordered in several different sizes, varying slightly in price. Each pair is made with AAA-graded pearls, the highest-quality with no visible flaws. They’re accented with a brilliant cut diamond that sits just above the cultured pearl. These gorgeous earrings can be worn every day, or saved for a special occasion. Each order includes a certificate of authenticity that guarantees the source and quality of the pearl. If these aren’t her style, you can shop some other highly rated gold earrings here.

Price: $279.99

Buy this 50th wedding anniversary gift here.

4. 50th Wedding Anniversary Personalized Print

(Cedar House Keepsakes)

Gifting a simple print like this is one a lovely gesture for an anniversary. The moderate price keeps costs low, while the personalized nature of this print will make it something they’ll cherish forever. This product has 100 percent five star reviews, all which remark on the high quality of the print, the quick turnaround time, and the great customer service of this online shop. The print can be ordered in sizes 8×10 or 11×14 and is personalized with the couple’s first names and wedding date. The print doesn’t come framed, but you can purchase an inexpensive frame here.

Price: $23

Buy this 50th wedding anniversary gift here.

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5. Vintage Hand Stamped Sugar Spoon

(Lorelei Vella Inc.)

How sweet is this sugar spoon? The vintage hand stamped gold sugar spoon reads “50 SWEET YEARS”. While the spoon is actually vintage, it’s in excellent condition so don’t worry about gifting something that’s a bit older. The vintage nature makes it that much more special. Gift the spoon with a gold tea cup set or a gold rimmed fine china tea pot like this one from Lenox.

Price: $25

Buy this 50th wedding anniversary gift here.

6. Handcrafted Customizable 50th Anniversary Throw Pillow Cover

(Amore Beaute)

Think out of the box with this unique, artistic gift, great for celebrating a couple’s 50th wedding anniversary. The customization does take a few weeks so make sure you’re ordering with ample turnaround time. The pillow is available in five different sizes, all relatively similar in price. It’s made with a soft high quality cotton linen blend that’s extremely soft to the touch.

Price: $32.90

Buy this 50th wedding anniversary gift here.

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7. Lenox Portrait Gallery 50th Anniversary Luxury Frame


Choose an old or recent photo for this gorgeous ivory and gold frame. This 50th anniversary gift is an awesome way to commemorate 50 years of marriage and is a great way to reminisce about the past and preserve those moments for the future. The frame is crafted of Lenox fine porcelain and accented with 24 karat gold, measuring 5×7 inches. If this frame is above your budget, check out this option for under $15.

Price: $35

Buy this 50th wedding anniversary gift here.

8. California Delicious Golden State Gift Basket

(California Delicious)

Gift baskets are an easy gift option – arriving packed and ready with a ton of goodies. Everyone loves disassembling them and enjoying their contents. This one plays on the 50th anniversary theme of gold, with contents all from California – the golden state. All of the products have a golden design to their packaging, and everything is wrapped and sealed with a big gold bow.

Price: $98.78

Buy this 50th wedding anniversary gift here.

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9. 1967 What A Year It Was Coffee Table Book


If you’re shopping for a 50th anniversary, chances are the couple was married in 1967. This fun book is a unique gift and a great way for couples to reminisce about and relive the year they got married, which will always hold a special place in their hearts. The book covers the headline events, highlights in entertainment, sports, fashion, and fads of the year 1967. This almanac greeting card is another great option in the same vein.

Price: $24.95

Buy this 50th wedding anniversary gift here.

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