‘The Surge’ Guide: How to Turn On the Lights in the Power Plant

(Focus Home Interactive)

The power plant area of The Surge is super dark and scary. You can get lights on your exo-suit armor but there’s an even better way to turn on the lights and make the power plant much less scary.

From the entrance to the power plant from the big wide open area, head down the stairs. You should be in a dark, rectangular room. Head to the opening to the right of the room.

In the room, there’s an enemy down the stairs wielding the YOSUKE Butterfly dual-rigged weapon. He’s really strong and will immediately rush you for speedy attacks. Dodge out of the way when it runs at you and then follow up with your own attacks. Repeat that until the enemy is defeated. We recommend using a quick weapon like the single-handed sword you can get early on. Also target the right or left arm of the enemy for a chance to get your own YOSUKE Butterfly weapon with a finishing move.

Afterwards, just overcharge the terminal at the end of the room. Now you can explore the power plant with much better light!

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