‘Prey’ (2017): 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Arkane Studios obviously knows how to craft a narrative driven, open-world FPS thanks to their work on the Dishonored series.

With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that Bethesda has decided to hand off one of their major FPS franchises to them. 2017’s Prey is a far cry from the cancelled sequel introduced in 2011. Instead of players getting the chance to take down alien bounties as a bounty hunter, Arkane’s vision of Prey is much closer to the experience of Bioshock and System Shock. After spending a full hour with a preview build of the game, we came away with a ton of info regarding this fresh re-imagining.

It’s time for us to delve deep into Talos-1, Morgan Yu and the Typhon alien threat featured in Prey.

1. The Prey IP Once Belonged to Developer Human Head Studios

Developer Human Head Studios was once in charge of the Prey franchise. This former 2K Games published IP was first introduced in 2006 as a sci-fi shooter that had been through a number of development revisions since 1995. Upon release, it garnered a number of favorable reviews from Xbox 360 and PC gamers. Prey 2 was announced in 2006 and later introduced to gamers during E3 2011 in a promising debut trailer.

Its premise focused on the outer space bounty hunting exploits of a U.S. Marshal named Killian Samuels. However, Prey 2 was surprisingly canceled in 2014 after it fell into development woes. That troubling development process initially began once the game’s IP got passed on from 3D Realms to Bethesda Softworks. Bethesda then made the decision to allow Arkane Studios to produce their own take on Prey thereafter. The one aspect that Arkane is bringing back from the 1st game in the series is the theme of the main character having to deal with a dangerous alien menace.

2. Your Adventure Takes Place Aboard the Talos-1 Space Station

Prey has an interesting take on real world events with its alternate history storyline. Its plot begins with the failed assassination attempt of U.S. President John F. Kennedy back in 1963. Kennedy goes on to survive and provide more financial backing to the U.S.’s outer space aspirations. Along with the U.S., the U.S.S.R. further develops their space program. At one point in time, both superpowers come under the threat of an attack by the Typhon alien race. They manage to beat back the Typhon, capture them and study their DNA aboard a newly built space station deemed Talos-1.

Talos-1 thrives as a Typhon research facility until a major incident erupts between the onboard scientists and escaped Typhon aliens. The U.S. decides to wipe its hands clean of the whole ordeal by putting an end to the Typhon study project. Later down the line, a company called the TranStar Corporation gets its hands on the entire space station. TranStar gets more control over the Typhon and uses the research gained from them to create Neuromods, which are able to grant humans extraordinary abilities. TranStar ends up becoming successful at manufacturing and selling these NeuroMods back on planet Earth. Several hazardous experiments involving the people living on Talos-1 gets tied to TranStar and its NeuroMods, however…

3. Players Can Take on the Role of a Male or Female Morgan Yu

The main protagonist of Prey is Morgan Yu, who you’ll ultimately decide to control as either a man or a woman. In the year 2032, you’re chosen to become the newest employee of TranStar. This new role places you right aboard Talos-1 during another Typhon outbreak that claims the lives of several workers onboard.

As Yu, you’ll make your way through all the nooks and crannies of Talos-1 as you fend off a wealth of hostile Typhon aliens. Yu can defend him/herself with conventional firearms, such as a pistol and shotgun. One of the more unique weapons Yu can wield is the GLOO Canon, which helps freeze enemies in place after you shoot enough glue in their direction. Yu’s capable of using various NeuroMods that gifts him/her with the abilities needed to beat back the Typhon.

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4. You’ll Come Into Contact With an Extraterrestrial Menace Known as the Typhon

The Typhon comes in many forms. The most common type of Typhon you’ll encounter are Mimics, small spider-like creatures that attack by ramming into you. They’re even harder to wipe out when they come in a pack formation (killing just one of them with wrench strikes is an option). What makes them even more dangerous is the fact that they can take the form of everyday objects in order to stay hidden. The other Typhon alien types that you’ll need to fend off includes the Cystoid, Nightmare, Phantom, Poltergeist and Telepath.

5. Pre-Ordering Prey Gets You the “Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack”

Prey 2017 Pre Order

Exploring every part of Talos-1 is a dangerous endeavor, so it’s recommended that you begin your trek through this space station with as much gear as possible. Pre-ordering Prey means you’ll get an early offering of helpful items in the form of the “Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack.” This bonus DLC pack comes with the powerful Margrave Shotgun, additional shotgun ammo plans, two Medkits, three Transtar Neuromods, one Recycler Shielding Chipset and a batch of Starter Fabrication Materials.

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