OUTRAGE: April Ryan Interrogates TGP Reporter After Assault in White House “Are You a Racist?”

The Gateway Pundit’s White House correspondent Lucian Wintrich was allegedly assaulted in the White House Friday by a Fox News Radio reporter before the press briefing by Sean Spicer. Afterwards, Wintrich was interrogated by April Ryan on whether he is a racist, believes in integration and blacks and whites mingling. This came after he was reportedly called a Nazi and other slurs by Fox reporter Jon Decker.

Ryan, White House Correspondent and Washington Bureau Chief for American Urban Radio Networks, confronted Wintrich outside the West Wing in a manner that appeared to suggest he deserved the assault according to one commenter.

The interrogation was recorded and posted to Twitter by Chris Sheridan, Senior Producer for Al Jazeera English. The video clip picks up during the interrogation with Wintrich speaking about his beliefs.

Ryan acts incredulous that Wintrich was assaulted and then proceeds to give him the racist third degree even after Wintrich states half his family was killed in the Nazi Holocaust during World War II and that his grandfather wrote a book about surviving the Holocaust.

@lucianwintrich @FoxNews @foxnewsradio @AprilDRyan versus @lucianwintrich pic.twitter.com/FkIt1NDNCm

— Chris Sheridan (@ChrisSheridan34) March 10, 2017

@ChrisSheridan34 @lucianwintrich @FoxNews @foxnewsradio @AprilDRyan What was the point of this? Interviewing to see if he deserved assault?

— NH Home (@NHHome12) March 10, 2017

Sheridan replied alleging that Wintrich was not physically assaulted.

@NHHome12 @lucianwintrich @FoxNews @foxnewsradio @AprilDRyan For the record, he was not physically assaulted.

— Chris Sheridan (@ChrisSheridan34) March 10, 2017

Ryan ended the interview after Wintrich proved to her that he was not a racist.

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