Muslims Lead Prayer Against Infidels In Senate, Then Irate Veteran Steps In

After Naveed Baqir (bottom left) and Imam Tarek Ewis (bottom right) invoked Allah on the Delaware Senate floor, Sen. Dave Lawson (right) had an invocation of his own. (Photo source: YouTube, Twitter)

When a pair of Muslims overtook the Senate floor with a boisterous Islamic call to prayer, most of the officials bowed their heads. However, once a U.S. veteran saw what was happening, he immediately stood up and delivered an invocation of his own.

While attending the Delaware Senate meeting on Wednesday, Air Force veteran Sen. Dave Lawson (R-Marydel) was shocked to hear two Muslims take the floor to recite an Islamic prayer to Allah. However, his surprise quickly turned to righteous indignance as soon as he saw nearly all of the non-Muslim Senate members bowing their heads in worship to the Muslim god. It was then that he knew what he had to do.

Lawson stood up and chastised his colleagues for not only allowing a prayer from a religion that acclaims a pedophile, rapist, and murderer as its supreme model, he also gave them a lesson in what was just invoked. Delaware Online reports that Lawson rebuked the chamber’s chief member with a fiery rant about Islam that left his colleagues silent.

“We just heard from the Quran, which calls for our very demise,” Lawson said after a Muslim duo gave the invocation, including a passage from their holy text. “I fought for this country, not to be damned by someone that comes in here and prays to their God for our demise. I think that’s despicable.”

Sadly, President Pro Tempore David McBride (D-New Castle) cowed before the Muslim bigots, ignorantly chiding Lawson for speaking the truth.

“I have never been of the mind to censure the words of other members, but I also believe deeply that words have consequences,” McBride said, reading aloud from a statement. “To criticize the sacred prayer of another religion from the floor of the Senate strikes me as antithetical to everything we ought to stand for as lawmakers.”

Undeterred, Lawson fired back at McBride before leaving the chamber, slamming him for ignoring the fact that the Quran explicitly condones the killing of religious minorities and the physical abuse of women.

“Their belief flies in the face of our Constitution,” Lawson said afterward. “This is not our Bible, we should not be allowing them to pray from that book in our house, just as I do not believe I would be allowed to pray from my Bible in their house.”

Muslims Lead Prayer Against Infidels In Senate, Then Irate Veteran Steps In
After the useful dhimmis showcased “tolerance” by bowing to Allah, they didn’t even realize when the Muslim imam refused to do the same for our flag. (Photo source: YouTube)

Naveed Baqir, one of the Muslims who performed a prayer, cleverly manipulated the conversation with a typical Muslim tactic, calling Lawson’s citations “textbook Islamophobia.”

“It stems from a deep-rooted misconception about Muslims,” he said. “My belief does not call for me to kill anyone. The Quran says we are not supposed to hate people; we are supposed to hate sins.”

Baqir is lying through his teeth. In fact, he quoted a scripture out of context without explaining that later passages reiterate that Muslims are only to be kind to one another but cruel to unbelievers and that “Allah does not love the unbelievers.” The Quran does, in fact, call dozens of times for Muslims to slaughter unbelievers not in defense but for disbelief and insult.

Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.”

Quran (8:39) – “And fight them until there is no more Fitnah [disbelief and worshipping of others] and worship is for Allah alone.”

Quran (9:5) – “So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush…”

Muhammad, who was the only man given the divine right to model how Islam is to be practiced, lied, pillaged, raped, persecuted, enslaved, and butchered innocent men, women, and children. He commanded the beheading of hundreds of , married a 6-year-old girl, and kept black Africans as slaves. Sickeningly, this is the religion for which liberals are advocating tolerance and respect.

As Lawson proved, our First Amendment rights guarantee our freedom to criticize any religion, especially one that commands violence and oppression. Disturbingly, McBride is in charge of a government body but cannot fathom the concept of freedom of speech.

Even though Lawson is a veteran of war, he is still fighting for his country, this time without physical weapons. However, it is a battle that all can and must wage if we desire to keep our freedoms in the face of an ideology whose laws oppose them.


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