Mischa Barton Meltdown Video Shamefully Posted By TMZ

Mischa Barton Meltdown Video

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Video of Mischa Barton in the throes of a meltdown was shamefully posted online by TMZ on Monday. This is a gross invasion of privacy with no obvious justification.

As Gossip Cop reported, Barton was hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation last week after seemingly suffering a mental breakdown. Emergency personnel rushed to her Los Angeles home after friends and neighbors became concerned when they witnessed Barton rambling and acting erratically on the porch of her residence. Gossip Cop understands publishing this basic information as a news story, as we and many other outlets did. We also followed-up by reporting an official statement from Barton asserting she was drugged.

TMZ, which broke the news of the incident, initially published photos showing Barton apparently in distress. But now the webloid has also posted video footage, with audio, of the actress very obviously not in her right mind. In the clips, which were edited together into a video lasting one minute and 20 seconds, Barton is seen talking incoherently, crying, and falling down. Those details, however, had already been reported in descriptions of what transpired. One did not need to see the visuals of this episode to grasp what took place.

The outlet did not say how it obtained this footage, or by whom it was filmed. But given that it happened on private property and clearly concerns health matters, it is a complete and total violation of the actress’ privacy to share it publicly with the world. There is no inherent news value in showcasing video of Barton’s behavior, as bizarre as it may appear, other than to further sensationalize and exploit a rather serious, but personal, situation.

The argument that it needs to be seen to be believed is hallow in circumstances such as this. There was nothing of exigency or dispute that required showing the video of Barton at such a vulnerable time. It’s not respectful of another’s personal privacy. And it’s most assuredly not journalism.


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