Duke vs. Notre Dame: Live Score, Stats & Highlights

Frank Jackson. (Getty)

No. 21 Duke (17-5 overall, 5-4 ACC) visits No. 20 Notre Dame (17-8 overall, 6-4 ACC) for an ACC conference game on Monday night. The Blue Devils got their first victory at Notre Dame since 1995, and their first road victory over the Fighting Irish since Notre Dame joined the ACC for men’s basketball.


Duke – 37 – 47 84
Notre Dame – 25 – 49 74

Duke forward Jayson Tatum had 19 points to go along with his 14 rebounds to give himself his first double-double of the season. Guard Grayson Allen had 21 points for the team lead.

Notre Dame Forward VJ Beachem paced the Fighting Irish with 20 points. The Fighting Irish forced 15 Blue Devil turnovers, but the Blue Devils are out-shooting the Fighting Irish 51.9 to 42.9 percent.

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Luke Kennard saves the ball for Duke and ends up getting an assist out of it

need4gene: Luuuuke ESPN College Basketball: Duke at Notre Dame https://t.co/AIjRkyzk08 pic.twitter.com/C5txtzKkDr

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The officials aren’t having a good night, and both blown calls have benefitted Duke

jb_long: The official should be fined/suspended for calling this a bloc… ESPN College Baske… https://t.co/rOp4p3QUZd pic.twitter.com/6QY8LNdB2U

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jb_long: And now this is called on the floor and waved off. Brey gets a… ESPN College Baske… https://t.co/AApzchq3um pic.twitter.com/gUMA8PKSFf

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Grayson Allen doing work on the court

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Coach K Bans Duke Players From Their Own Locker Room

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewksi has banned his team from its own locker room.

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