Democrats Start a NeverChelsea Movement

With the three top democratic contenders being a combined age of 216 in 2020, some democrats are looking for new blood with a real chance to take back the White House and they are looking at Chelsea Clinton. (OMG)

But democrats who lived through the last two Hillary disasters are not so quick to jump aboard the wagon. Quite the contrary. In fact many of them are convinced that Chelsea is stupid. (Never before have so many liberals been so right about one thing) They are starting a sort of a Never Chelsea organization.

Guinevere Boyd said:

“She has nothing to offer. She has said some horrible, clueless things about progressives and progressive issues.”

From The Conservative Tribune:

The objections to Chelsea show just how far left the Democrat Party has gone. It’s gotten to the point where someone as liberal as Chelsea is considered too mainstream.

“The country does not have any more appetite for any Clintons,” stated Mike Bender, 61, a Baltimore resident. “Enough is enough, and frankly I think the Clinton policies, going back to Bill, are what took the Democrats to the center and the right, and you can see what kind of enthusiasm that inspired.”

Ironically enough, when Democrats were at the center, that was when they were most popular. It was after their sudden lurch leftward during the Obama administration that they started to lose elections below the presidential level — then the presidential election itself.

There have been rumors that she planned to run for the US Senate from New York like her mama did on her way to two solid defeats in her quest for the presidency.


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