Brat Sees Shop’s ‘Racist’ Display, Runs Crying After Patriot Drops 2 Words

Brat Sees Shop’s ‘Racist’ Display, Runs Crying After Patriot Drops 2 Words
Heather Franklin (left & right), patron in Portland, Oregon store (center)

An incredible video is spreading across social media after an entitled liberal decided to try to tell a shop owner what to do in his own store. Unfortunately for the easily offended woman, who was horrified by a “racist” display inside, things didn’t end so well for her. In fact, she would end up leaving in tears after a patriot decided to give her a piece of his mind – and all it took was two brutal words.

The incident took place inside Everyday Deals Extreme in Portland, Oregon, where a woman by the name of Heather Franklin was doing a bit of shopping with her children in tow. However, things took a turn when she noticed a “racist” display on the wall that she found gravely offensive.

Doing as any butthurt liberal would, the entitled brat decided to whip out her phone and document the Confederate flag inside. Making matters worse, she then tried to shame the owner into taking it down by hurling a slew of insults.

Too bad for her, her plan quickly backfired in her face since this owner wasn’t about to put up with her crap. Even better yet, she would soon learn that another patron in the store was a firm supporter of the First Amendment and was about to express his right freely.

Showing the whining punk that she had no right to tell others what to do, the customer flipped the woman the bird and uttered just two words that would eventually result in her leaving in tears. All caught on a video shared to World Star Hip Hop, the badass patriot could be heard simply saying, “bye b*tch,” with his middle finger up.

The whining woman also documented the same man as he walked into the parking lot to ensure that she did actually leave. Despite being about 100 feet away, Franklin made the grossly exaggerated and, frankly, inaccurate claim that the man had imposed a physical threat on her life and said in the video that she was just assaulted.

However, the woman later basically admitted that she was lying when she said she was assaulted on video. “I really believe that they would have assaulted me and the children if I hadn’t brought out my camera,” she said to KATU 2. In other words, the guy wasn’t anywhere close to her at any point during the exchange and she wasn’t assaulted. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have used the words “would have” when she described the incident later.

As the video continued, the liberal snowflake broke down in tears and was even hyperventilating, saying that she was in fear of the very distant “threat.” The fact of the matter is, this woman wasn’t in the company of like minds – and she found that out the hard way.

Like all liberals found out this past election, there is a large number of people in society who don’t agree with them. Sadly, when they do finally come to this realization, rather than acting like an adult about it, they whine, cry, and throw temper tantrums like little children.

This woman was not in any danger at any point of this video, and that is beyond clear as day. In the end, the only one in the wrong here was this entitled brat, and she learned a harsh lesson that one can only hope sinks in, although I highly doubt that since she’s probably still playing the victim card right now.

This store owner has a right to hang whatever he wants on his walls, and no one has the right to verbally accost him over that. His First Amendment rights are clearly outlined in the Constitution. If you don’t like it, well then, that’s too bad. Your only option is to leave and shop elsewhere, not harass the owner, then cry when your intimidation tactics don’t turn out the way you planned and you get a dose of your own medicine.


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