Brad Pitt Lost Phone Story Made Up By National Enquirer

Brad Pitt Lost Phone

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A story about Brad Pitt supposedly losing his phone was seemingly made up by the National Enquirer. Gossip Cop can reveal what’s going on.

In the new issue of the supermarket tabloid, a headline from one of the gossip magazine’s columnists blares, “Eat Your Horny Hearts Out, Grrlls! I’m Firing Up Brad Pitt’s Dreams!” The article, ridiculous in both style and content, claims the actor’s phone was temporarily misplaced, and he feared it would end up in the hands of this reporter. Right.

“So touching to hear that when Brad Pitt panics, he thinks of… ME!! (No, Seriously!) This stunner began — as my Gossip Gems often do — at a trendy WeHo eatery (that I’ve sworn not to mention) when Brad dropped by to dine and asked the manager to charge his cell phone. So the guy trundled off holding his ring-a-ding, but when Star Boy asked for it back after din-din… it had vanished into thin air,” alleges the disreputable publication’s writer.

A so-called “WeHo Spy” is then quoted as saying, “Brad freaked! Staffers went on a wild search, but the phone had totally disappeared! Now everyone freaked — until a waiter finally remembered hiding the thing in a back office so no one could swipe it! Brad, so damn relieved he nearly started crying, said, ‘I can’t even imagine the hell I’d be going through if someone like Mike Walker at the Enquirer had gotten a hold of it!'”

Right. The self-important piece goes on to call Pitt a “wimp” and thanks him for the “mention.” But there was no actual mention at all. Gossip Cop has learned this alleged phone incident never happened.

And it’s important to stress that this outrageous tale, not reported on by anyone else despite supposedly happening in public, comes from the same writer responsible for many other outlandish stories, such as the one that claimed Justin Bieber licked sweat off Selena Gomez at a SoulCycle class. This is also the same discredited outlet that fabricated a cover story about Pitt beating Angelina Jolie. From the silly to the serious, the National Enquirer is filled with fake news.

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Brad Pitt worried the National Enquirer obtained his cell phone. Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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