5 Key Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Move to Cloud-Based LMS

In the ocean of cloud-based enterprise software solutions, Learning Management System (LMS) has emerged as ones of the most effective one for small businesses. LMS software is used for delivering courses and training programs. Its features are used for a multitude of things – administration, tracking, reporting and documentation.

The cloud-based prefix means that this LMS software, along with all the data, is stored on a remote server, adding ease of use functionality to the entire process. If cloud-based LMS software has caught your attention as a small business owner, here are the five key reasons why you should move to one.

Cost and Time Savings

Cloud Learning Management System software will reduce the need for investing in additional hardware, hiring HR professionals and office materials. The courses distributed through this platform can be accessed on any device, despite the operating system and the location of a trainee.

This significantly reduced the need for file cabinets in-house, as well as piles of educational material and tests. The scoring happens automatically as a trainee progresses through the course, which removes the need to spend hours upon hours on scoring and ranking tests results.

With the LMS in your hands, you won’t need to send out your employees on remote professional training and seminars. All of the new best practices, policies and compliances will be managed through this cloud platform.

Authoring tools of LMS software are easy and intuitive to use so you will be able to build courses faster with no previous technical knowledge.

Improved Business Results

Some of the important business metrics that assume relevance nowadays are:

  • Financial: sales, profits and costs;
  • Customer satisfaction and retention rates;
  • Employee retention and productivity rates;
  • Strategic performance – how effectively businesses have executed the strategies implemented by management;
  • Legal compliance: financial reports, employee regulations and environmental rules;

All of the above points heavily rely upon the skill sets and knowledge of employees, including managers.

When the entire organization is updated with the best practices and the most efficient ways to get things done properly, the entire organization is on the road to success. You and your team of managers can focus on core business processes when such an important task is automatically handled by an LMS software.

Furthermore, LMS report and analytic features will provide you with insight into how every individual is performing, what the costs of the training are and what the pain points in the course material are. This information can then be used to further improve the courses, in order to reduce the time needed to reach your goals.

Instant Access to Training Materials

Once you have created a course in the LMS software, you can enrol the employees in just a few clicks. Since it is cloud-based, you and your employees will be able to experience the power of mobile learning. Courses built using an LMS software fits the screen of any mobile device as it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Enrolled trainees will be able to instantly access courses wherever they are. Allowing them to make progress at their own pace provides significantly better results than when you enforce the time and location where the learning needs to take place.

The authoring of the courses is done through any web browser. This flexibility and cloud hosting ensures that the entire learning experience is convenient.

If you need to train a remote team, resellers or business partners, you can extend your courses and allow access to new users despite their location with just a few simple clicks.

Centralized Data Storage

Since the entire process happens on the remote server, all of your course-related documents, tests and test results are stored in one place. In order to use the benefits of this remote hosting, you won’t need to install any software and you will be able to access it with no server integration.

One of the key benefits of having centralized data storage for your courses is security. In some cases, the courses may hold business-sensitive information reserved only for your employees. Security systems in place ensure that your materials can be accessed only by those users who are offered certain privileges that are completely under your control.

On top of that, you won’t have to worry about backing up your data. This service is provided by a cloud LMS software vendor.

Employee Performance Training

Some of the main reasons for employee performance training are technological advancements, improvements of procedures and policy modifications. Creating an effective workforce is an incredibly important and ongoing task.

Cloud LMS software is a tool that can help you with employee training and development. The key to success lies in keeping well-documented processes, as these serve as material for training courses.

Employee training always boils down to performance and LMS is a tool that measures the performance of the trainee on a course. When a business wants to improve the poor performance of its employees, then an LMS is the perfect solution.

Improving the procedural knowledge and allowing employees to learn new skills and check whether they apply them correctly or not as they forward, is a great way to bring the performance of the entire workforce to a higher level.


As you can see, the reasons for moving to cloud LMS are very compelling. Besides increasing your sensitive data security and improving business results, a cloud based LMS software will allow your business to cut down expenses related to training and knowledge distribution. All of these will make your small business more competitive and ready for the challenges brought by expansion and growth.


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