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Nancy Pelosi Caught Lying About Meeting With Russian Ambassador

After it was revealed that former senator and now Attorney General Jeff Sessions had two meetings with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak before President Donald Trump’s election, the Democrat crisis machine went into the fray full-bore to discredit the attorney general. And at the front of charge, of course, was none other than House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. “The fact that the attorney general,

Massive Rally AGAINST Islam In Australia

Did you hear about this MASSIVE rally in Australia? You probably didn’t because it’s exactly what the mainstream media doesn’t want you to see. A far-right rally has been held in Australia with  More than a million people taking to the streets to join the demonstration organized by the Australian anti-immigration Generation Identitaire movement to protest against “islamization.”  

DISGRACEFUL: Former Hillary Staffer Calls Widow Of Slain SEAL ‘Idiot’

The two-minute standing ovation for Carryn Owens, the widow of fallen Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens, remains one of the most poignant moments of President Donald Trump’s address to a joint session of congress on Tuesday. However, not everyone was enthusiastic about the inclusion of Owens in proceedings, with some choosing to attack the the wife of a fallen hero

Sparks Fly as Bikers for Trump Meet Protesters

Millie Weaver interviews a flag hater disgracing the American flag. All of a sudden, a member of Bikers for Trump intervenes picking the flag up off the ground setting off commotion. Watch This video of a Patriot Biker confronting a flag hater! What do you think? Should burning or disgracing the flag be made a crime? Let us know in

Ungrateful Muslims Issue Warning To Trump: We Will Go Home If These Demands Aren’t Met IMMEDIATELY

LIKE PLEASE  ????Thank you Even though they’re being fed, clothed and sheltered by a number of European governments, some of the Syrian refugees have spoken out to let the world know that they weren’t exactly thrilled with their current accommodations. Recently in the Netherlands, during a shocking television segment about a fresh batch of Syrian migrants, a Dutch television reporter approached the

Woman sparks outrage by urinating on Koran and burning it while threatening to hunt down Muslim ‘parasites’

Outrage erupted when the extreme video with dark-haired protester – which was filmed in front of the Slovak national flag – appeared on social media A woman has caused outrage after she filmed herself urinating on the Koran before burning it and declaring war on Muslim “parasites”. The unidentified woman is seen in the clip standing in front of the

Just In: This Is Brutal!! Mike Pence Drops Mega Bombshell On Democrats!

The illegal immigration story goes on unabated. Firstly, there was a federal judge who ruled that President Trump cannot prevent immigrants from seven countries to enter the U.S., not even for a period of 90 days. Afterward, a judge from Boston gave Trump a massive victory bu claiming that there’s just no way that the executive order is either a

Putin Says He is Ready to Visit U.S. if Trump Invites Him

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated  on Friday he expected U.S. -Russia relations to return to normal and was ready to visit the United States if President-elect Donald Trump invited him. “If Trump invites me to travel to the United States, I will of course go,” Putin was quoted by the RIA news agency as saying. “(I expect) a change in