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Something strange is happening at the North Pole of the Moon

Mysterious shadows that have never seen sunlight… strange lines that have no explanation and rectangular-shaped structures that according to ufologists, are the ultimate evidence of Alien activity on the moon. But how long until we get full disclosure about Earth’s natural satellite? The moon has been the subject of debate among ufologists and researchers lately. It seems the more we

5 underwater discoveries that will make your Jaw drop

Our planet is full of mysteries, and our oceans play a very important role on our planet. Though about 97% of Earth’s water is in the form of oceans, these oceans are shallow compared to the Earth’s radius– just a couple miles deep. However, Earth’s oceans keep countless secrets beneath their surface and in this article, we’ve decided to take

People Are Saying The New ‘ Planet 9 ’ Is Going To Kill Us All – Here’s Why

A chill swept over the internet last week when scientists announced that there was a huge, unseen planet at the far edge of our solar system – Planet 9. For decades, conspiracy theorists have predicted that an unseen planet beyond Neptune – called Nibiru or Planet X – is going to destroy Earth. The announcement from Caltech scientists seemed to

Russian Scientists Just Revealed The Most Powerful Discovery In The History Of Mankind [Video] 

Even though it sounds like science fiction IT’S NOT! Russian scientists successfully created a technology that can alter the protons of an atom and change the atom itself making one element from another. This (possibly historical) discovery was made public after a couple of successful tests in which chemical elements were transmuted to become other elements. This concludes a dynasty