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A Chicago News Station Had An Embarrassing Graphics Flub In A Story About PyeongChang

This news station has some explaining to do.

Things got awkward at Chicago news station WLS-Ch. 7 when the graphic accompanying their coverage of the Olympics proved to be less than picture perfect.

While PyeongChang is a South Korean city about one hundred miles from Seoul, P.F. Chang's might be more familiar to Americans. The Asian inspired chain restaurant has over 200 locations across the country–none of which, as of press time, are hosting the 2018 Olympics.

But surely nobody noticed, right?

Jayme Nicholas, spokesperson for the station, explained that the graphic was originally intended for an unrelated, satirical sports piece airing later in the week.

P.F. Chang's took to Twitter to correct the flub as well.

Hopefully Channel 7 won't take it to much to heart, as many people could relate:

Besides, some exciting (imaginary) events arose from this as possibilities for 2020!

And with this broadcast, the shade for the next generation's worth of Olympic venues was born:

H/T: Twitter, Chicago Tribune