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Rep. Adam Schiff Slams Trump’s Hypocrisy About Not Wanting Democratic Memo Released

Trump refused to release the Democratic rebuttal of the controversial Republican memo.

Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee, California Rep. Adam Schiff, is no longer mincing words when it comes to his feelings about Donald Trump and the President's refusal to release a Democratic rebuttal to the Republican memo that Trump claims exonerates him from investigation into Russian collusion in the 2016 election.

It started when Trump went to Twitter, once again, to rally support for his cause:

Schiff quickly fired back in response, effectively shutting down Trumps claims:

Schiff didn't stop there. He also appeared on Face The Nation and once again called Trump out for his hypocrisy:

This isn't the first time Trump and Schiff have clashed. Trump tried to throw shade last week, but it didn't go well:

Schiff wasn't having it and clapped back with this:

And this…

We don't see this war of words ending anytime soon.

H/T: Twitter