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People Just Casually Crowd-Surf On A Road In The Middle Of Edinburgh—You Know, Like You Do

Nothing out of place here, folks. Just Scotland being Scotland.

If you've walked down a crowded street in the middle of a big city, chances are you've seen something odd that made you stop and stare at least a few times.

If this video is any indication, this sort of thing is a daily occurrence in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

What starts off as an odd-enough looking line of sitting strangers turns into a free for all once it becomes clear the people are inviting new friends to crowd surf on top of them.

If members of Scottish Parliament are unsurprised:

Then I guess our only choice is to sit back and enjoy the joy…

We don't even really need to ask why:

Just tell us where and when and we'll be there!

But if you're curious, it turns out it's Scotland vs. France at rugby this weekend:

Notice how nobody's inciting a riot or setting things on fire. Take notes, American sports fans.

H/T: Twitter