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Dubai Breaks Its Own Record With A New Hotel That Is Officially The World’s Tallest

Don't go if you're afraid of heights!

Dubai is a city known for its opulent lifestyle and towering buildings. The newest addition to its skyline will only serve to cement that reputation: the Gevora hotel, measuring in at 356 meters, is one meter taller than the Marriot Marquis (another Dubai staple), making it the tallest hotel in the world.

It will be opening later this week, and will have PLENTY of space for anyone who'd like to book a room.

No hard feelings, Marriot Marquis.

And don't worry, travelers! The new hotel is as comfy as it is tall. Even 356 meters into the air, you can count on amazing service and cozy suites.

This destination will find its way onto many bucket lists.

H/T – Twitter, The Sun