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Top 10 Best Sexy Last-Minute Group Costume Ideas for Halloween 2017

Halloween celebrations are here. Did you figure out what you’re going to wear for your costume yet? Are you celebrating with some of your hot friends? Maybe you need to come up with a last-minute idea for your group of girlfriends. Check out our gallery here for the top 10 best DIY costumes available as options for all your sexy needs. Let’s start with this one … It is an easy one to put together for some girls who really like Taco Bell. Check out this version of “hot” sauce. Go crazy with all the different levels of hot sauce too, unless you all want to dress as “Fire.” Pick your own signature sayings for your “packet” costume. The taco and spicy jokes are winners when it comes to this … For more ideas for your Halloween costumes, read on below.

Angels and Devils

Get a couple of your girlfriends together to be angels and devils. Buy some horns and a halo or wings as props. Then, use lingerie or sexy clothing in white or red for your outfits. This is easy to expand on. And, if you want to add even more to the mix, you could have another girl go as death and dress in all black with a cape or a cloak of some kind.

Or, you could all just go as sexy angels … even Victoria’s Secret Angels. Here’s another example pic:

Playboy Bunnies

Instagram Photo

Playboy bunnies are always an easy and sexy way to go. And, with the recent passing of the legendary Hugh Hefner, there are sure to be a lot of men walking around in robes for Halloween. Buy the bunny ears, get some lingerie or a corset, and you are good to go. Add a bow tie or a choker around your neck and a bunny tail. And, if you can’t find the right corset, you could always just go with a bodysuit or leotard of some kind.

Sexy Disney Princesses

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If you’re into Disney princesses, these can be easy to put together. Each girl can be a different princess and you can make your outfit as sexy as you would like. Whether you are Belle from Beauty and the Beast or Ariel from The Little Mermaid, the options are endless.

School Girl Costumes

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Who doesn’t love a school girl costume? These are so easy to put together, especially if you have anything plaid in your closet or some eyeglasses. You can wear an open cardigan with a black or red bra. Or, you can rock a white, black, red, or plaid corset top. Plaid skirts are always a good idea and either knee socks or over-the-knee socks of some kind work. There are so many combinations that work, you can’t go wrong.

Hot & Sexy Nerds

Instagram Photo

This option is good for men and women. Whether you have couples, all girls or a mixture, what’s better than a sexy nerd? Beauty and brains, right? All you need is some glasses, some plaid, possibly suspenders. Anything geeky you can think of works. Then add a sexy twist, whether it’s showing off some skin or not.


It may not be Valentine’s Day, but you may be looking for something sexy and sweet. Take notes from the above idea of being Candy Hearts. You can vary it and be the different pastel colors of candy hearts. Or, you could change the candy altogether. Be skittles or M&Ms. It’s easy to come up with these kinds of costumes. If you’re a blue skittle, wear something blue and sexy. Then cut out an “S” from white paper and attach it to the front of your outfit. Tada!


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Check out this sexy idea for a Starbucks costume. Find a plain sexy dress and copy over the Starbucks symbol using your crafty side. Attach the Starbucks logo to your outfit and add some special touches like information you usually find on a Starbucks cup. If Starbucks isn’t your thing, you and your girlfriends could always go as Dunkin’ Donuts coffee cups too.

Sexy Cats

This is very easy and can allows for variety in your group costumes. Get black cat ears and you can all be sexy black cats. You can also try this with cheetah print if that’s the way you’d like to go. If you’re all black cats, you can each come up with your own sexy outfit and just make sure it’s all solid black. Then, you can draw some whiskers and a cat nose on your face if you’d like.

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Borat is in the house. This one might be a little harder to find, but if you can find a one-piece green bathing suit, some scissors, and some serious confidence, you may be able to pull it off … Not only are you using your sex appeal for your Halloween costume, you are also showing that you have a sense of humor.

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